[EN] How to propose a new mission

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[EN] How to propose a new mission

Post  eglomer on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:08 am

If you want to propose a new mission and you want to include it in the game, just follow these steps:
  1. Open the mission builder.

  2. Write your mission in the blue square fields. Remember to take care of your spelling, and that the mission must include the character's name and his job.
  3. Press "Submit" button. With this, the mission will appear formated into the bottom fields.
  4. Create a new thread in this section of the forum. Put your title mission (red square) as the thread title, in the language that you want. As content of the thread, put again your mission title and then, the text of the mission (green square). If you have translated the mission, add the title and text of the other languages below (NOT open a new thread!).
  5. Send the new thread to the forum, and that's all!

Be aware that your name never will be included in the game credits, appearing the "Game community" instead, because credit list could be enormous.

You can't set the reward nor duration of the mission. This will be done by the game team.

Regards and thanks for your contribution.
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